Apackaging Group's 'Infinity Pump' Achieves RecyClass Recyclability Approval

Apackaging Group’s ‘Infinity Pump’ Achieves RecyClass Recyclability Approval

With plastic waste becoming an ever-growing concern, manufacturers must invest in developing recyclable, sustainable alternatives to traditional packaging solutions. Apackaging Group, a market-leader in innovative packaging technology, is leading the way with their “Infinity Pump”. The company are delighted to announce that their pump solution has received RecyClass Recyclability Approval.

The ‘Infinity Pump‘ is a polyolefin-based pump system commonly used in household packaging applications for storing lotion or soap. Unlike traditional pump mechanisms, the Infinity Pump is constructed entirely from plastic, including even the spring and the ball. This significant advancement replaces traditional metal springs and glass balls, which often pose recycling challenges.

Independent testing was conducted by Plastics Forming Enterprises (PFE) in accordance with the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for HDPE containers. The results of the assessment revealed that Apackaging Group’s ‘Infinity Pump’ technology has no adverse effects on state-of-the-art plastics recycling processes as long as the pump does not exceed 26% of the total packaging weight.

The recycled plastic produced from the recycling process was successfully tested in high-value applications, including HDPE bottles with concentrations of up to 50%.

In addition to HDPE, the recyclability of the ‘Infinity Pump’ technology was also assessed for the PET stream, resulting in a Letter of Compatibility certifying that semi-finished PET packaging utilizing the ‘Infinity Pump’ achieved a class B rating on the recyclability scale.

Based on the results of the tests conducted, RecyClass acknowledges that Apackaging Group’s ‘Infinity Pump’ technology will not negatively impact the current European HDPE container recycling processes.

“Here at APG, we are dedicated to developing industry-leading packaging solutions that prioritize sustainability”, says Hannah Palese, spokesperson for APG, “The approval of the ‘Infinity Pump’ technology is an exciting step towards a more environmentally responsible future for the industry, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of these important developments”.

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