APG Responds to Reports on Low Consumer Recycling Rates and Calls on Beauty Brands to Take Action

APG Responds to Reports on Low Consumer Recycling Rates and Calls on Beauty Brands to Take Action

In response to recent reports of low consumer recycling rates in the beauty industry, APG, a world-renowned leader in the cosmetic and beauty packaging sector, is calling on beauty brands to take action.

A survey of 2,000 UK skincare users revealed that “just one in five (19%) respondents saying that they always recycle their packaging”, and approximately two-thirds of individuals discard product packaging before utilizing the entire contents, which results in overconsumption of products throughout one’s lifetime.

“As a packaging supplier, we have a responsibility to promote sustainability and reduce waste in the beauty and cosmetic industry,” said Hannah Palese, spokesperson for APG. She stated that the company is committed to ensuring that their products and packaging are as environmentally friendly as possible. As a result, they are leading the way in tackling these concerns and encouraging beauty brands to do the same.

APG’s latest line, The Infinity Series, is a range of trigger sprayers, lotion pumps, foamers, fine-mist sprayers and airless pumps that are patented designs, utilizing only plastic materials, eliminating any metal components  and ensuring complete recyclability.

Palese urges brands to consider the importance of designing products with recyclable materials, providing clear recycling instructions on packaging, and partnering with recycling facilities to ensure the proper disposal of packaging.

“At APG, we are committed to encouraging sustainability in the beauty and cosmetic industry. As a company, we have already taken steps to reduce our environmental impact by introducing eco-friendly packaging materials to our product lines and improving our sustainable packaging solution range,” said Palese. “We believe that by working together, we can make a real difference in reducing waste and protecting the environment for future generations.”

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