Apokra Launches New Pre- and Postnatal Supplements For Every Stage of Pregnancy & for after childbirth

Apokra Launches New Pre- and Postnatal Supplements For Every Stage of Pregnancy & for after childbirth

Apokra, a health and wellness innovator dedicated to science-backed solutions, is shaking up the prenatal and postnatal supplement market with the launch of its industry-leading pre and postnatal tablets.

For years, expecting mothers have grappled with the limitations of traditional prenatal supplements. Many contain suboptimal forms of key nutrients, requiring multiple capsules and often resulting in unpleasant side effects.

Apokra’s pre and postnatal tablets offer a convenient and effective solution for mothers at every stage of their pregnancy and during breastfeeding, providing superior absorption, complete nutrition in just two tablets, and a commitment to ethical sourcing –without the typical fishy taste of traditional fish oil tablets.

Nutritionist Seline Camarena explains, “It is extremely important to supplement adequately during pregnancy and even conception. It is crucial that your supplements are science backed and include everything you need like Apokra Pregnancy. Fish oil can provoke unpleasant fishy burps after taking them, therefore Apokra’s vegan omega-3 was a saviour for me during my first trimester, where I felt sick all the time.”

At the heart of Apokra’s innovation lies a focus on maximising nutrient absorption. The prenatal tablets contain Quatrefolic, a form of folic acid with significantly higher bioavailability compared to traditional folic acid.  This ensures a more readily available supply of this crucial nutrient, essential for preventing neural tube defects in the developing baby.

A large proportion of the population can’t convert folic acid into the active form, and it therefore can’t be used by the body. Quatrefolic is the active form of folate, which can be utilised by the body without the enzyme that some people don’t have. Similarly, both the pre and post-natal tablets incorporate AvailOm, a clinically studied form of omega-3 fatty acids, featuring superior absorption compared to standard fish oil capsules.

Apokra’s postnatal formula is high in calcium, due to the extra demands for calcium during breastfeeding and after childbirth. This is also particularly helpful for those who are lactose intolerant and who struggle to get calcium in their diets.

Gone are the days of juggling multiple capsules; Apokra’s pre and postnatal tablets are meticulously formulated to deliver a comprehensive range of essential vitamins and minerals in just two easy-to-swallow, vanilla-coated doses.

“We recognised the need for a more effective and convenient solution for prenatal and postnatal care,” says Max Hanson, Apokra founder. “Our pre and postnatal tablets address the limitations of traditional supplements by combining superior absorption with a comprehensive nutrient profile, all in a single, easy-to-take format.”

Another core focus of the business is prioritising environmental responsibility by deriving all their omega-3 content from sustainable, fish-free algae.  This approach aligns with growing concerns about overfishing and ensures a clean, ethical source of this vital nutrient.

Apokra’s commitment to efficacy and quality extends beyond ingredient selection.  The company’s team of pharmacists meticulously develops its formulas based on the latest scientific research, ensuring both the safety and effectiveness of each product before it gets into the hands of customers.

To find out more about Apokra, visit: https://www.apokra.com