App and web experts Cuhu launch free discovery sessions for start-ups and small business owners

App and web experts Cuhu launch free discovery sessions for start-ups and small business owners

A Manchester-based app development company has launched a new monthly discovery session initiative for the North West’s entrepreneurs, SMEs and local businesses. The sessions will see it provide strategic advice free of charge to those who have an idea for a product but need support and technical help to understand how to take it forward. Cuhu hopes its mentoring sessions will help businesses to unlock the potential in their ideas – during a time when uncertainty threatens to hamper creativity.

The discovery sessions, valued at £2,600, will see recipients benefit from Cuhu’s expert guidance, support and specialist advice to refine, define and drive forward their app idea. The community initiative is inspired by Cuhu’s desire to remove traditional barriers to app development for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Tristran Swan, Head of Agency at Cuhu said, “A week never seems to go by when I speak to someone and they claim to have had the idea for Deliveroo or Uber before they happened.  There are a great many people out there that have amazing business ideas of which some are based around mobile apps.  However, whether it be a fear of competition or failure or a feeling of “not being qualified”, these ideas never see the light of day, or worse, a similar idea is launched sometime in the future and becomes massively successful.”

“What we want to do is remove at least one barrier for such people.  We want to give them the opportunity to discuss, refine and define their idea with experts.  If we believe their idea to be a good one, we will lay the foundation for their app and hopefully give them the belief to push it forward.”

Included is a four-hour deep-dive workshop that will see Cuhu user experience experts and project managers evaluating and refining early-stage business concepts into viable products which consider wider company goals and the best solution for end-users. Entrepreneurs and SMEs will also work with Cuhu to develop user personas and user journeys for people that may use the app, with time for question and answer sessions to soak up invaluable industry advice from the app and web development experts

A follow-up call and a written document is also included, which will cover technical advice and recommendations for next steps, detailed user personas, user persona goals and journeys, a proposed sitemap and a costed proposal with estimated timeframes. Session participants will also be guaranteed a10% project discount if they move forward with their idea with Cuhu.

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