App Development Industry Leader Confirms Massive North, Central and South American Expansion

App Development Industry Leader Confirms Massive North, Central and South American Expansion

A pioneer in the app development industry has confirmed a huge multi-territory expansion into North, Central and South America after seeing demand for its service soar.

Eazi-Apps, which is headquartered in Leicestershire, provides entrepreneurs with the technology, training, branding and marketing materials they need to create their own app development business. Earlier this year, it confirmed that it was working with its 150th partner, spread over 30 countries worldwide.

This commitment to overseas expansion has now gone a step further with the official development of the Eazi-Apps brand across the Americas. The move further solidifies the app business’ commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and SMEs to engage with customers with the help of local Eazi-Apps partners.

According to the latest figures from the Pew Research Centre smartphone ownership in emerging nations has skyrocketed in recent years, with 65% of adults in Chile now owning a smartphone, 48% in Argentina, 45% in Venezuela and 41% in Brazil.

In the US and Canada, 77% and 72% of adults respectively own a smartphone. North America in particular has a mobile first economy, with data from Adobe showing that a record-breaking $1.2 billion was spent on mobile devices on Black Friday 2016 – a 33% YoY growth that shows no signs of slowing in 2017.

Eazi-Apps CEO Zakir Daud said, “Eazi-Apps started over 5 years ago as a mobile marketing company in Leicester to service the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Since then, we have grown and evolved to a point where we have become an internationally recognised leader in the app development industry.  We’re really excited to confirm our latest phase of expansion into the Americas, a market which is quickly adopting a mobile-first mindset, where smartphone use is growing quickly and where there are multiple opportunities to create apps that make a difference.

“Expanding into new geo-graphical locations and empowering our partners and their clients to use mobile technology in creative ways is why we have been so successful on the world stage. The plan is to continue innovating within the industry and offering technology that evolves with the change in consumer preferences.”

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