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Applied Streetview Aids Businesses With Turn-Key Streetview Camera Solution

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then streetviews are the equivalent of an entire novel. With its turn-key Streetview Camera Solution, versatile enough to suit all business types and industry applications, Applied Streetview gives organizations the opportunity to capture data and tell their own tale in 360° grace, without the need to outsource any part of the process.

With its solutions available worldwide, German company Applied Streetview enters the market with a new turn-key offering entirely. Understanding a business’s desire to keep its high-volume footage secure at all times, it offers total control to companies with its high resolution, end-to-end Streetview Camera Solution, differentiating itself from the uncontrolled, ever-changing public streetview services and low-resolution products currently dominating the market.

Unique to Applied Streetview is Creator, a user-friendly and powerful processing program that is included with the system, capable of handling 50,000 streetviews a day. This provides the key to keeping all data handling and final production of the streetview player in-house, enabling companies to decide what, when and with whom to share their results. What’s more, all customers are offered substantial training packages, removing the need to outsource any part of the workflow to external companies, providing a feature-rich, easy to use streetview system, covering all steps from recording, through processing, to display of the final footage in a player. Publishing to the public is optional and at the user’s discretion.

Jan Martin, CEO of Streetview Technology said, “High quality, up-to-date streetviews aid critical business decisions every day – whether that is to learn the true nature of the surroundings of a ­new construction site, or if it is to show customers where an office is actually located. No other medium can do this better than a series of before, during and after streetviews. We’ve made our system with the business customer in mind, empowering them with a turn-key solution to capture, process and display streetviews on masse, to aid their business. Keeping the whole workflow in-house is fast, flexible and cheap, while maintaining control of the entire process.”

There are no limits to the application of this kind of high resolution imagery. This includes engineering, surveying and mapping as well as documentation of wide-area infrastructure such as power lines, pipelines, fiber optic cables and existing assets. By offering a turn-key, easy to use system, Applied Streetview makes it possible for any business to reap the benefits of streetview images using one simple solution.

Applied Streetview offers its superior Streetview Camera Solution with a variety of mounts, including two car-mounts and a backpack option for recording on foot.

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The Applied Streetview Camera Solution is developed by Streetview Technology GmbH, based in Germany.

Streetview Technology GmbH was founded in 2011 with the goal to provide an easy to operate streetview camera solution that can be operated by trained staff instead of expensive and rare engineers. It is focused on being the easiest to operate, turn-key, feature-complete, high-resolution streetview camera system for the mass-production of streetviews.

Applied Streetview serves customers all over the world. Customers range from surveying companies to the leaders of the GIS industry. The solution is primarily used for GIS, documentation, planning and mapping, Before/During/After comparisons, but literally spans to all corners of the business landscape.

Founded in Germany’s “Silicon Valley” state Hessen, its office is located just 10 minutes from Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt am Main.