Aptera Motors, maker of the world’s most efficient passenger vehicles, has teamed with Elaphe Propulsion Technologies on a volume production vehicle powered by in-wheel motors.

In-wheel-motor technology affords Aptera advantages that would be impossible with other propulsion systems: enhanced aerodynamics, lighter overall vehicle weight and much-improved handling, resulting in industry-leading mileage and safety.

In combination with Aptera’s already low-drag aerodynamics and lightweight construction, Elaphe’s compact, high-torque in-wheel motors enable sub 100Wh-per-mile energy usage — lower by a factor of four than that of the average electric vehicle. Precise torque vectoring maximizes aerodynamics by allowing small steering changes to be made at speed without having to physically turn the wheels, leaving airflow around Aptera’s front suspension undisturbed. Vector steering control likewise eases slow-speed turning without the need for bulky power steering.

Finally, the system ensures optimal driving and parking performance in even the most difficult of conditions, including ice and snow.

The effectiveness of Elaphe’s direct-drive, in-wheel propulsion motors has been demonstrated in the Smart Fortwo, the BMW X6 SUV, the Audi R8, a PSA Groupe urban mobility vehicle and 40 other vehicle platforms, including public transportation. In recent track testing, Elaphe achieved a sub 3.5 sec 0-100 km/h acceleration time — the fastest ever recorded for such an application.

“Elaphe is a perfect match for Aptera,” said the company’s CEO, Gorazd Lampič. “We provide the packaging versatility and turning needed to enable Aptera’s industry-best efficiencies. Our technology integrates seamlessly with their Co-Pilot autonomous driving solution, providing feedback data, unprecedented responsiveness and enhanced vehicle control in any driving condition. Having tested Aptera’s first vehicles back in 2010, it’s great to finally collaborate.”

Aptera CEO and cofounder Chris Anthony commented: “Based on Elaphe’s work with leading suspension providers, properly tuned suspension will lend Aptera exceptional ride comfort and sport performance for exciting cornering. Elaphe was an early supporter of Aptera and we’re thrilled that they’re now capable of delivering Tier 1 OEM-level quality and certification to our mass-production efforts.” 

About Elaphe Propulsion Technologies
Founded in 2006, Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd. is a leading EU-based developer and manufacturer of in-wheel electric propulsion systems. The Elaphe in-wheel powertrain platform includes motors, power electronics and intelligent multiple-motor propulsion control. Elaphe’s achievements include the world’s highest-performance in-wheel-powered applications to date. Patented and innovative electromagnetic and mechanical designs for in-wheel propulsion enable Elaphe™ products to be tailored for specific ranges of torque and horsepower to fit most vehicle configurations. For more about Elaphe, visit www.in-wheel.com or view the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlGKZe4EYj4&feature=youtu.be

About Aptera Motors

Aptera Motors strives to positively impact the planet by building the world’s most efficient transportation. With advanced aerodynamics, lightweight structures and an efficient powertrain, our vehicles use less energy by a factor of four than the average electric vehicle. This enables Apterae to travel more than 1,000 miles on a single charge while providing safety, comfort and a fun driving experience. For more about Aptera, visit www.Aptera.us