ArchiAI Launches Groundbreaking Platform Enabling Anyone to Redesign Interior Spaces in Seconds

ArchiAI Launches Groundbreaking Platform Enabling Anyone to Redesign Interior Spaces in Seconds

ArchiAI, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions has revealed an innovative new platform which enables interior designers and individuals alike to transform spaces in seconds. Harnessing the power of machine learning and AI, the new platform promises to make interior design more accessible to the masses and revolutionize the way that we design and interact with physical spaces.

The new platform goes beyond visualization too, with users able to purchase the furniture featured in the AI-generated designs. Making each AI image shoppable is a key feature that sets ArchiAI apart from its competitors. This new, seamless shopping experience will enable anyone to quickly bring their ideas to life without ever having to leave their desk.

ArchAI’s platform takes a 2D image of the space uploaded by the user and then modifies it using artificial intelligence to fit one of the dozens of pre-selected styles that ArchiAI offers. With a few clicks of a button, users can envisage what their room would look like in anything from a minimalist style to an exciting cyberpunk theme.

“Our mission at ArchiAI has always been to make interior design more accessible for anyone who has an eye for style,” says Valeria Vizcaino, Founder and Architectural Designer at ArchiAI. “We are so happy to be finally launching our new platform which, we believe, will mark a turning point in the interior industry and pave a new way for the future of interior design. With the help of our new platform, anyone can easily transform their home into a space they can be proud of.”

The solutions provider hopes that their new technology will be a big leap forward for the interior design industry, offering new ways for designers to showcase their ideas to paying clients or to just give the average homeowner some inspiration for their next round of home improvements. As other industries have already embraced the power of AI, the interior industry is primed and ready to be the next industry to take on the plunge – with ArchiAI spearheading the movement.

Users can start designing for free on the ArchiAI website without needing to put in their credit card details.

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