Art To Suit The ‘All Black Everything’ Lifestyle: Black 2.0 Hits The Market

Art To Suit The ‘All Black Everything’ Lifestyle: Black 2.0 Hits The Market

If the 60s was all about psychedelic swirls and the 80s is summed up by garish designs, the 2010s could only be defined by a much more serious aesthetic. ‘All Black Everything’ is the trend seen in stylish wardrobes and in the home. And with the release of Black 2.0, the blackest black on the market, the world won’t be hanging up its gothic shoes any time soon. Leading online art gallery, Art2Arts highlights its affordable art for sale that pays homage to this moody style.

Black 2.0, created by artist, Stuart Semple, was released three years after Vantablack was first launched. While this incredible artist’s tool absorbed up to 99.6 percent of light, other creatives were banned from using it after artist Anish Kapoor bought exclusive rights to the product. Semple’s Black 2.0 is available for anyone to purchase (except Kapoor), paving the way for more delightfully dark creations to come.

Wendy Hyde’s ‘Abstraction in Monochrome’ series is just the type of dramatic work that this new black pigment was made for, only letting small sections of white light through its bold, brave and black brush strokes. Fitting the monochrome trend perfectly, the colourful character of the sky is represented using sophisticated dark shades.

Alternatively, in rare occasions the All Black Everything lifestyle can sometimes be accented by carefully curated bursts of colour. The cosmic-inspired round canvas of ‘Blissful Dance 3’ by Irina Rumyantseva would work well in any dark room, with its subtle splash of deep turquoise offsetting the black canvas, adding interest, depth and texture.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts revealed, “The world is certainly enamoured by the colour black right now, and quite rightly so! There is no other shade as synonymous with class, style and sophistication than this iconic hue. Now that Black 2.0 has been released, we’re bound to see the art reflecting this trend slip further and further into darkness – and the results are bound to be simply spectacular!”

Those adhering to an all-black colour palette in their clothes and home accessories often do so to make a strong impression. While light, colourful characters may be represented by sunshine and spring, there is no other weather condition more appropriate for ‘black’ than Dawn Roger’s Approaching Storm. Brave, bold and with undoubtedly black undertones, this gloomy landscape may be small but its impact can transform the feel of any room.

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