As Bitcoin Drops, Demand for Expert Advice Continues to Rise

As Bitcoin Drops, Demand for Expert Advice Continues to Rise

With recent news that Bitcoin fell below $20,000 for the first time since 2020, more and more investors are seeking advice, support, and guidance from industry experts. Safe Trade Binary Options, an online resource backed by experienced financial market analysts, economists, and crypto investors, reports that online interest in Bitcoin skyrocketed in line with the price drops. 

This research from Safe Trade Binary Options is supported by reports that online searches for ‘Bitcoin’ rose from a score of 35 to 79 on 8th May; the day cryptocurrencies began trading in the red, with the market cap showing a 3.36% decrease over 24 hours. The score once again increased from 37 to a maximum 100 on 12th June; the day that Bitcoin experienced further losses. 

For Bitcoin investors, the situation has become somewhat of a gamble. And interestingly, the gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas – is where the majority of these searches have come from in the United States. Interest in Nevada is closely followed by California, with those in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego most likely to be seeking advice at this time. Significant searches also came from Hawaii, Florida, and New Jersey. 

Fewer searches came from South Dakota, Arkansas, Kentucky, Delaware, Mississippi, and West Virginia, suggesting less interest across these states. 

Emma Collins, CEO of Safe Trade Binary Options, says, “We’re continuing to see how the fall of SP-500 is impacting the more extensive fall of Bitcoin with the unstable situation in raw material supply and the war in Ukraine. It’s clear that the crypto market grows much faster than the whole world market – it was born in 2008 at the cost of almost nothing and is expected to be worth $2.2 billion by 2026 – but that also means it drops much faster than the whole market, too. For investors, these drops can be incredibly worrying, but we’re here to help”. 

So is Bitcoin’s drop simply a blip? Will it bounce back stronger than before? Or is this a sign to jump ship? Of course, the future is uncertain. What is clear, however, is that this is certainly not the first time that Bitcoin has plummeted. In 2011, it fell below $20. In 2015, it fell below $200. And in 2017 it fell below $2000. There are continual temporary blips, but sustained long term growth. 

Despite this, investors and traders are finding themselves in a state of worry. And searches for Bitcoin are rising as these investors seek advice and support about what to do next: should they withdraw their investments and get out before Bitcoin drops even further? Or should they stick it out, and wait to see if the price recovers? Safe Trade Binary Options provides investors with the tools, insights, and knowledge needed to make the best decisions for their portfolio. 

Safe Trade Binary Options brings together everything that investors need to know about risk, possibilities, probabilities, and potential. Industry experts share their thoughts and opinions through the platform’s blog, while the easy to use forecasting tool uses complex calculation, combining historic and real time data to forecast expected price movements for crypto, currency, and more. 

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