As The Clocks Go Back, Upcoming Security Shines a Light on Home Defence

As The Clocks Go Back, Upcoming Security Shines a Light on Home Defence

The clocks will fall back an hour on 29th October, heralding the onset of longer nights. While this change signals the arrival of cosy winter months, it also comes with a cautionary note. Northamptonshire Police recently highlighted an uptick in break-ins during the winter season, and data from Admiral Insurance in 2022 revealed that homes are 50% more likely to be burglarised during these colder, darker months.

With such concerning statistics at the forefront, a beacon of hope and guidance emerges for homeowners. Upcoming Security, a newly launched blog dedicated to the intricate world of CCTV, is primed to assist homeowners in navigating these heightened security concerns.

Steve White, the brain behind Upcoming Security, isn’t new to the challenges winter presents. “In my 20+ years in the security industry, I’ve witnessed the tangible distress and disruption that winter burglaries can bring to families,” Steve comments. “It’s not just the loss of valuables; it’s the loss of peace of mind. That’s where Upcoming Security steps in.”

What makes Upcoming Security a crucial resource this winter?

  • Real-world Experience: Steve’s vast experience encompasses real clients, real homes, and genuine challenges, ensuring that advice from Upcoming Security isn’t just theoretical but grounded in practical application.
  • The Evolving Home Security Landscape: The world has progressed from rudimentary alarms to intricate, integrated smart home systems. Upcoming Security offers insights into these advanced solutions, ensuring homeowners aren’t left in the dark, figuratively and literally.
  • An Independent Voice with Credibility: Free from brand biases, Upcoming Security provides reviews and advice that homeowners can trust. “Steve’s insights were a game-changer for me. His guidance offered clarity amidst the overwhelming world of home security,” shares Lucy, an early reader of the blog.

With the longer nights ahead, Steve White and Upcoming Security aim to illuminate the path for homeowners, ensuring that while the nights might be longer, they’re also safer.

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