Ascia Beauty Launches with CleansePro Rose to Cleanse, Refresh, and Tone

Ascia Beauty Launches with CleansePro Rose to Cleanse, Refresh, and Tone

A new UK beauty brand is setting out to change the way we care for our skin. Ascia Beauty offers innovative, high performing skincare tools to facilitate a radiant and youthful looking appearance, without the need for aesthetic treatments such as Botox or fillers. Instead, Ascia Beauty’s collection works to enhance the skin’s own natural beauty using rollers and sculptors, including the brand’s exciting flagship product, the new CleansePro Rose massager.

CleansePro Rose helps to cleanse, refresh, and tone the skin. It works by combining the muscle-tightening effects of a sonic facial massager with the unbeatable power of an ultrasonic cleansing brush to clean and sculpt. Utilising the power and warmth of natural Rose Quartz, the device delivers up to 9,600 vibrations per minute, and can help to minimise the appearance of blackheads, prevent oiliness, reduce inflammation and puffiness, and ultimately lift, tone, and firm the skin for a healthier, more youthful look.

“As an NHS doctor and aesthetic practitioner, the ‘Zoom Boom’ is, for me, one of the most unfortunate byproducts to emerge from the global health crisis” says Dr Asma Ahmed, Founder of Ascia Beauty. “Many people – women especially – are becoming more aware of their appearance as they’re seeing themselves on camera every day, and I personally have witnessed a huge increase in the number of young women turning to aesthetic treatments to boost their confidence in a world where it’s important to be ‘camera ready’”.

“The problem is that, while aesthetic treatments can deliver exceptional results, they’re not risk-free, and they don’t last forever, so it can be a very costly and potentially dangerous habit to get into at a young age” continues Dr Ahmed. “That’s why I launched Ascia Beauty, to show women that Botox and fillers aren’t the only options; that it’s possible to gain confidence and feel good about your appearance by adopting a good skincare routine.”

The woman-founded, woman-led company is passionate about empowering women, particularly during a very difficult period in which recent advances in gender equality have been halted or even undone during the pandemic. Self-care is becoming more vitally important than ever, and Ascia Beauty is setting out to ensure women have access to safe, natural, and beneficial products that make them feel good about themselves, and love themselves.

Along with the CleansePro Rose massager, Ascia Beauty is also offering the CleansePro Jade massager featuring a healing jade stone, along with an extensive collection of facial wands and rollers including the innovative Rose Quartz 3D roller which revitalises the skin using diamond-cut crystal roller balls. All products are made to the highest quality, from FDA-approved materials, and are cruelty-free, non-toxic, and delivered in recyclable packaging.

CleansePro Rose is available in four colour variations for personal style preference: white, pearl pink, maroon, and black, and retails for £79. It is available now exclusively on, with 5% of profits from every sale donated to fantastic women’s charities across the United Kingdom.