Astriid calls on employers to champion diversity and inclusion to strengthen UK economy

Astriid calls on employers to champion diversity and inclusion to strengthen UK economy

UK charity calls on employers to make a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion for the Invisible Talent Pool

Astriid, the registered charity which matches talented chronically ill people with inclusive work opportunities, is urging UK businesses to become diversity and inclusion champions to unlock significant commercial benefits and strengthen the UK economy at a time when multiple industries are struggling with skills gaps, vacancies are soaring and productivity is dipping.

There are an estimated 12.7 million people of working age currently estimated to be living with chronic or long-term health conditions – something which often means their skills are underutilised or overlooked by recruiters. This means the UK currently has a vast national, untapped pool of highly capable, talented and qualified candidates who could fill vital skills gaps and bring invaluable experience and expertise to firms around the country.

Astriid is making the call for the nation’s employers to reconsider their approach to diversity and inclusion now as more and more organisations recognise that they can continue to operate with flexible and remote positions as a result of trials carried out during the pandemic.

“Our research and work tells us that there are a staggering number of highly employable, highly skilled workers around the country that are being overlooked due to their chronic health conditions,” says Steve Shutts, the CEO of Astriid. “Individuals living with long-term health conditions are well-educated, highly motivated and have considerable expertise. And yet the lack of flexible, inclusive employment opportunities, and additional barriers during the recruitment process, leave many unable to find work.”

According to Astriid’s research, overlooking the Invisible Talent Pool has real and wide-reaching implications for the UK economy. The UK is currently experiencing one of the most significant shortages in skills for a generation and many businesses are struggling to regain pre-pandemic output levels.

He adds, “The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently released figures show that there are a record number of job vacancies in the UK, with more jobs now sitting empty than before the pandemic.[1] In our database of around 1,400 candidates, two-thirds are qualified at degree level or higher. They represent a competent and highly skilled community of jobseekers who could help businesses across many industries to gain a real advantage.”

In addition to supporting candidates, Astriid also offers a consultancy service to employers to assist them in overcoming any challenges they may face in recruiting from the Invisible Talent Pool. This includes helping organisations to identify suitable roles and determine reasonable adjustments to support candidates.

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