Audio and Book Love Story is the Perfect Wedding Gift with a Difference this Season

Audio and Book Love Story is the Perfect Wedding Gift with a Difference this Season

Wedding guests faced with the dilemma of what to gift the happy couple have a new, unique, and heartfelt option to choose from. The experts at Recordalife have launched a new edition of their love themed product that will help the newlyweds to share their personal love story.

Recordalove will leave just-married couples with an audio story and book detailing their journey from that first meeting to taking vows at the altar, capturing all the butterflies of first romance, memorable trips away, their hopes for their future together, and funny, personal anecdotes. It’s the perfect wedding present for guests that want to gift something that’s truly different and will be enjoyed for years to come. With a personal touch, it’s a present that will stand out from amongst the others and is sure to be adored when opened.

Mike Tapia, Founder of Recordalife and member of the British Oral History Society, said, “Whether the wedding couple has provided a gift list or not, it can be a challenge to find that perfect gift that not only marks the day but will be enjoyed for years to come. Common household gifts that are traditionally given can seem a little impersonal and, if the couple is already living together, can be unnecessary. Recordalove was created to give lovers a way to chart their own relationship journey in a way that’s easy, fun, and lasting.”

When Recordalove is given as a wedding gift, couples can choose a time that’s convenient for them to conduct interviews. Handled by expert oral historians, they’ll be guided to talk about the most important parts of their relationship, from grand gestures to small daily reminders that are just as important. Throughout the recorded interview, a picture of the relationship will build up, including the memorable dates, milestone moments, and, of course, the wedding day itself. The experts will then use all the compiled information to create an audio story that’s told in the words of the couple as well as a hardback book with the text of the interview detailing their love story, complete with full colour photographs.

Tapia added, “Recordalove is perfect for a wedding day gift, marking all the fun, emotions, and hopes for the future in the run-up to getting married. It’s something that couples will love looking back on as they celebrate other relationship milestones too, from welcoming their first child to celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.”

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