Augmented Reality (AR) Collectibles Brand Goes Global

Augmented Reality (AR) Collectibles Brand Goes Global

A pioneering Australian company which is breathing new life into the collectibles market thanks to cutting edge AR technology has completed an ambitious expansion plan with an official launches across the UK, EU and USA.

AR Discs bridges the gap between physical and digital worlds to bring much-loved characters and institutions to life using augmented reality technology. Fans select collectible discs in trading packs, then use the AR Discs app to unlock interactive video content and bring their collectable to life.

By hovering over the image with their smartphone or tablet, collectors can access popular clips of their heroes, while the discs can also be interconnected to create 3D models and educational toys.

Launched in Melbourne, AR Discs has assembled a global team, with a UK head office and specialised factories able to produce up to 1 million discs per month. It has partnered with famed animation company DreamWorks, to make AR-powered collectibles and has additional partnerships with several entertainment and educational brands in the pipeline.

Willian Byron, CEO of AR Discs said, “We were all too aware that the trading card market had been on the decline since 1991. Technology has changed how fans enjoy their hobbies and the world of collectibles shouldn’t be an exception.

“We’re on a mission to breathe new life into the collectibles market by offering customers a nostalgic journey which combines the things that make physical collectibles exciting, with the added bonus of AR interactivity.

“Our goal is to use animation software to create a new wave of collectible content while re-igniting passion for collectibles around the globe.”

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