Australian Juggling Funnyman Swaps Flaming Torches for Cake as he Leads World Juggling Day Celebrations

Australian Juggling Funnyman Swaps Flaming Torches for Cake as he Leads World Juggling Day Celebrations

From birthday cakes to candles, Australian funnyman James Bustar has some serious celebrating and messy juggling to do – and it’s all in the name of World Juggling Day!

On June 15, see Bustar make a right old mess juggling birthday cake and eating it too, as he joins jugglers from across the world as they come together to celebrate their common passion: juggling!

World Juggling Day recognises the amazing feat of dexterity and skills required for the complex and thrilling art of juggling.

So be prepared to see everything from eggs to flaming torches flying high in the air with elegance, as jugglers ring in the most exciting day of the year on their calendar.

World Juggling Day was first started by The International Juggling Association in the 1980s, to help spread the fun and centuries old sport of juggling.

Bustar is encouraging fans of mayhem and antics to tick something off their bucket list on June 15 and join in the juggling fun, by trying a spot of juggling themselves or supporting a local juggling event or festival.

The former graduate of the world renowned Flying Fruit Fly Circus and member of the International Jugglers Association has toured the world and performed in venues spanning the globe.

Bustar, who has never found anything he doesn’t like to juggle, says he is proud to hold four world records for juggling.

These include the most raw eggs juggled while hula hooping, the longest time to juggle while hula hooping and the longest time juggling on a pogo stick.

The world-renowned juggling funny man has also produced an in-depth instructional DVD titled “The Art of Throwing Up” which teaches how to juggle up to 5 balls. He is really encouraging people to pick up some balls on June 15th and learn how to juggle. The DVD is available from

So what will Bustar juggle next? What world record will he break? Can he teach you how to juggle? We’ll have to wait and see this World Juggling Day!

Please contact James Bustar on if you would like him to come for a chat and a juggle on your show.