Australian start-up launches the first cold dried turmeric with double the curcumin levels of traditional powders

Australian start-up launches the first cold dried turmeric with double the curcumin levels of traditional powders

A powerful new type of turmeric, loaded with the world’s highest level of curcumin and cold dried for maximum nutrient retention is now available to Australians keen to harness the health benefits of one of the trendiest spices around.


Developed by Biobotanics, Turmeric8 is unique and thanks to careful cultivation, cooling and grinding methods, is brimming with powerful wellness-boosting properties. Biobotanics’ Turmeric8 is harvested in the organic soils of Gujarat, India in ground cultivated with a specialised preparation of amrut soil, full of essential microbes, enzymes and minerals.

This rich soil provides the perfect setting for turmeric growth and once harvested, is dried using cool temperatures rather than hot. This proprietary process protects the heat and oxygen sensitive antioxidants present in fresh turmeric. The turmeric is ground with specialist cold milling equipment, helping to lock in all of the goodness and nutrients inherent to this powerful herb. Traditionally heat dried, conventional turmeric will typically retain just 1-5% of the active compound curcumin – a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which makes turmeric such a respected superfood. The unique growing conditions and cutting-edge low temperature processing method pioneered by Biobotanics locks in much more of this goodness, retaining 8-9% of the antioxidant curcumin.

Chris Phillips, founding director of Biobotanics said, “Turmeric has been around for centuries but many of the heat sensitive nutrients are lost during processing. Cold methods of drying are not new to the health sector, with freeze dried fruits often popular among health enthusiasts for their higher antioxidant levels and flavour retention – we’re the first to apply this knowledge to turmeric.

“With turmeric lattes trending across the USA and Australia and the uptake of turmeric in western cooking, we see this as an opportunity to increase Australia’s intake of curcumin through these methods rather than capsules or tablets. We’re keen to extend the whole food benefits of turmeric, which is rich in over 200 beneficial compounds to more Australians. We believe Turmeric8 offers the best alternative to fresh turmeric on the market.

With beautiful yellow-hued turmeric lattes popping up all over Instagram, and health conscious foodies rediscovering the spice, turmeric is enjoying a renaissance. A traditional ingredient in Indian curries, it can also be used in smoothies, sprinkled on roasted veggies, in rice and throughout a whole host of other dishes.

Chris Phillips, founding director of Biobotanics said, “We expect to release new and exciting turmeric products to market over the coming months, such as a protein blend for sports recovery and a delicious flavoured shake for those of us not sold on the latte.”

Turmeric8 stocks its unique turmeric in three variations – with delicious turmeric latte pouches, a powder for use in the kitchen and as cold dried turmeric capsules.

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