Automobile Titles Race Ahead In Gaming Genre Popularity

Automobile Titles Race Ahead In Gaming Genre Popularity

While it may be a classic gaming genre, racing style games are certainly not slowing down in popularity as recent statistics from MyRealGames has revealed its most regularly downloaded titles. Last month, the premium free-to-play website found that its engine-revving City Racing and Superbike Racers were the first choice for its community of three million monthly players, racing ahead other popular genres such as Match 3, Hidden Object and 8-Ball Pool.

Gamers who are part of this large segment downloading car games are in for a treat month, with a further 10 racing releases being added to the platform. The foremost destination for family friendly gaming prides itself on offering the freshest, most up to date selection of titles in the industry, responding to gaming trends and the behavior of its customers.

Nikolai Veselov from free gaming website commented, “No matter how many new types of games get introduced to the market, there are certain varieties that will always be a hit, regardless of fads or trends. There is no other thrill as exhilarating as racing around fantasy worlds, without the limits or restrictions we have in real life. Car and racing games satisfy many people’s need for speed and judging by our figures, it appears that this craving has been stronger than usual in recent weeks!”

While more players downloaded these action packed automobile adventure titles than others on the website, further statistics reveal more about the habits of each user once they installed the game. Although a smaller amount downloaded Match 3 titles, more play sessions were recorded on this classic arcade style game, with those playing racing titles heading behind the virtual wheel on less regular occasions.

As these racing escapades may be reserved for more special occasions, MyRealGames ensures its car category is packed with the most unique titles that the genre has to offer. Serving up a twist on the classic racing style are titles such as the futuristic Robo Racing, the ravenous Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams, the mystery-filled Made in Mafia and more.

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