Avoid waiting months for a driving test with Speedytests

Avoid waiting months for a driving test with Speedytests

Those dreading booking a driving test in fear of waiting the average 11 weeks before taking it can now access a new service which matches would-be motorists with last-minute test cancellations. Test rescheduling service Speedytests gives prospective drivers the chance to jump the queue by booking users into cancelled slots as soon as they appear.

Speedytests constantly checks the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) website every 5 minutes, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, freeing potential drivers of the hassle of checking themselves.

Users of Speedytests can choose to either ‘Auto-book’, which chooses the first available slot on any day, or tailor their service to only look for cancellations on certain days of the week for each driver’s convenience.

Apart from providing a constant monitoring service that could save those looking to become qualified weeks of waiting, Speedytests offers a complete refund on their one-time £16.99 payment should an earlier test not be booked.

Matt Hodson, Speedytests Managing Director, said: “The average waiting time for a driving test in September 2016 was 11.2 weeks, which represents a painstaking wait for most people. Speedytests eliminates that wait by constantly checking for cancellations before booking you on the earliest one.

“What’s more, if you fail the test you can come back and use our service as much as you want, free of charge. It’s a one-time payment and that’s it.”

In addition to offering free, unlimited retakes to learners who fail their tests, Speedytests also offers a ‘text back to book’ service notifying learners of their possible new test time instantly.

Hodson added: “We use state-of-the art software to both monitor when tests become available and let learners using Speedytests know about it as soon as possible. We estimate that we change 90% of our customer’s exam dates within a week of starting the service. 60% get a new exam date within 2-3 days.”

Learners using the service will have the option to monitor up to three different test centres at once, and one of its customer service representatives respond within the hour on average through its live chat service.

Speedytests is a trusted, reputable service used by driving schools nationwide and has featured in numerous media outlets including The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

For more information, please visit https://speedytests.co.uk/driving-test-cancellations.