Award-Winning Author Launches New Guide to Feeling Amazing

Award-Winning Author Launches New Guide to Feeling Amazing

The latest book from award-winning author and entrepreneur, Pamela Sommers hits shelves this week. The London-based writer, who has been featured in HuffPost, British Vogue, and Success Magazine, hopes that Fabulously You: Feel Amazing and Thrive will help women around the world to become the best versions of themselves.

The first line of the book’s introduction poses a question that many are afraid to ask themselves: what is it you really want from life? And through 23 inspiring chapters, Sommers provides women with the insight they need to answer that question, along with the confidence they need to go after what they want.

Fabulously You: Feel Amazing and Thrive is the reminder that many women need to step out of the shadows, take centre stage, and become the star of their own lives. The thought-provoking 240-page paperback provides invaluable support to help women reignite passion for themselves, unlock potential, and become the can-do woman they’ve always wanted to be.

“I know there is more to you than meets the eye – and, deep down, so do you. Give yourself the chance to show just what you’re made of. In a world full of shadows, be the light. In a story filled with, ‘Perhaps’ and, ‘Maybe’, be the, ‘Oh yes!’ and ‘Watch me!” says the renowned author, Pamela Sommers.

Fabulously You: Feel Amazing and Thrive is the second book to be released in the much-loved Fabulously You series by Sommers. While the first instalment, Fabulously You: Live a Life You Love took readers on a journey of self discovery to help them fall back in love with themselves again, book two focuses on helping women to identify those factors holding them back from achieving their goals, overcoming limiting beliefs and shifting ‘can’t do’ attitudes to unleash that inner superhero that lives inside everyone.

Along with the Fabulously You series, Sommers has also become known across the world for Life Lessons From a 40 Something, where she draws upon her own experiences, sharing her mistakes – and her successes – across a wide range of everyday topics such as finances and love to empower and inspire the younger generation. Sommers is also the author of Building Castles in the Sky; a personal growth book helping women set solid foundations for success.

Fabulously You: Feel Amazing and Thrive – along with the first instalment of the series, is available in hardback, paperback, and Kindle editions on Amazon.

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