Award-Winning Carpet Cleaning Firm Serves 30,000th Customer

Award-Winning Carpet Cleaning Firm Serves 30,000th Customer

Carpet Bright UK, an award-winning carpet and upholstery cleaning service, has served its 30,000th customer following a period of rapid growth and development. 98% of the customers have reported that they have been extremely satisfied with the work carried out by the skilled technicians making up the 25 strong team, and the number of online reviews published on review websites such as and checkatrade now exceeds 10,000. As a result, the firm has announced that they will be expanding their services to cover more destinations across South East England, including London, Kent, Surrey, and surrounding areas.

Founded by 22 year old Kent native Jamie Lester, the business has grown at an almost unprecedented rate during its 5 years of operation. Lester, who was just 18 years old when he founded Carpet Bright UK from his parent’s home in Bromley, relied on family loans to launch the business and purchased his first van. Motivated by his family’s poor experiences using local carpet cleaners, Jamie was inspired to transform the industry and generate a better reputation for the sector. Today, the firm operates from two locations in Bromley and Croydon, with Jamie being one of the most promising young entrepreneurs under the age of 30 operating within the UK today.

“I’ve been in exactly the same situation as many of our customers, and I’ve watched as my parents struggled to find a cleaning service that not only used the most effective and efficient cleaning tools for the job, but which also put the customer first; it was usually one or the other, and many times it was neither” says Carpet Bright UK Founder Jamie Lester. “Focussing on offering an unrivalled customer service and using the most advanced steam cleaning methods to achieve long lasting results have been the foundations upon which I’ve really strived to build Carpet Bright UK on”.

“To go from working out of my parent’s home to operating an award-winning business in just 5 years has been hectic to say the least, but the poor service that my family has experienced in the past has really helped to drive growth” continues Lester. “Myself and my amazing team are proud to have reached a number of important milestones recently in terms of growing our loyal customer base and expanding our service areas, and we’re confident there’s more good things to come.

Carpet Bright UK differs from many carpet cleaning companies by utilising state-of-the-art equipment and following revolutionary steam cleaning methods to clean quicker, dry faster, and keep carpets looking fresh and clean for longer. In doing so, the firm is able to boost satisfaction for their clients by offering a minimally disruptive service which helps homeowners and business owners to save money.

The business offers carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning in Kent, Surrey, and London, as well as curtain cleaning and mattress cleaning. Free, no obligation quotations can be obtained by contacting the firm.

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