Award-winning jewellery designer Mike Saati launches new couture brand

Award-winning jewellery designer Mike Saati launches new couture brand

Award-winning jewellery designer Mike Saatji has created an exquisite range of high-end couture earrings and necklaces designed for the discerning jewellery lover as part of a new brand launch.

The new Mike Joseph brand is the cumulation of over two decades of work for owner and Creative Director Mike Saatji, the latest in a long line of Armenian born jewellery makers to break the barriers of traditional jewellery design. Saatji collection of stunning 18ct yellow gold and bright white cut diamonds is exquisite and elegant, with timeless designs that are also utterly modern.

Having previously won the accolade of Best Design at the Las Vegas Couture awards for his delicate and intricate diamond and gold waterfall necklace, Mike also took home the prestigious award for the best diamond piece in the over $20,000 category in 2018, making his new Mike Joseph brand one to watch for the future.

Utilising traditional and modern jewellery making techniques to weave delicate strands of gold with sparkling diamonds that capture the light and embody the power and magnetism of these precious stones, the Mike Joseph brand has been catapulted to success, and his clientele now includes many prestigious names throughout Europe and North America.

Mike Saatji was always destined to become a master of jewellery thanks to his rich family heritage and from the tender age of just twenty-one was studying the art of setting diamonds and coloured gemstones into precious metals and discovering all of the intricacies of jewellery making.

Honing his craft over the coming years, Mike developed his own unique style of jewellery that captivates, enchants and wins over the ladies lucky enough to wear them.

Owner and creator of the Mike Joseph brand, Mike Saatji said “I love working with contrasts and creating jewellery that is both powerful and subtle. My creations are meant to become a part of a woman’s image; not just to be worn on special occasions and each piece I create captures hearts, inspires and empowers the wearer.

With my new Mike Joseph brand, I hope to inspire more women to be more creative with their jewellery choices and make a real statement.”

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