Award-Winning Mobile Spa CityLux Expands into Workplace Wellness

Award-Winning Mobile Spa CityLux Expands into Workplace Wellness

Leading London-based mobile spa service CityLux has launched a new workplace wellness service . The expansion will see CityLux, which offers spa treatments at home and in hotel environments, delivering chair massage and a wide range of other wellness treatments to office spaces and at corporate events .

The corporate wellness programme will focus on quick, simple and mess-free spa treatments that can effortlessly be carried out within the workplace, without the need for employees to undress or limit their opportunities for productivity. The treatment menu includes 10, 15, and 20 minute mini massages performed through the clothing and without any oils or lotions, as well as mindfulness sessions with techniques for stress management.

“Many businesses are actively seeking out methods to boost productivity within the workplace, yet corporate wellness remains an area that’s frequently overlooked,” says CityLux Director Kate Tora. “There is so much research out there which shows just how valuable promoting the idea of corporate wellness can be, especially when looking at posture and skeletal issues. We want to encourage employers to prioritise employee health and wellbeing, and show the corporate world that workplace wellness matters.”

The expansion of spa services comes at a time when an increasing amount of research is taking place to better understand workplace wellness. It has been widely suggested that the promotion and prioritisation of health and wellbeing within the workplace could significantly minimise sick days, boost employee morale, generate more appreciation for the workplace, encourage positivity and improve overall levels of job satisfaction. The combined result of this impact is anticipated to greatly boost productivity.

Workplace culture is at a turning point, and for many the idea of corporate wellness is at the top of the agenda. Despite this, workplace wellness programmes have experienced slow adoption rates-  CityLux will tackle this by making it easier for businesses to access the vital support they need to implement change and provide healthier work environments.

CityLux Corporate has been created specifically to provide businesses and their employees with the same professional service that the CityLux mobile spa has become known for. Treatments will be performed by specially trained corporate therapists, coached by the experienced CityLux senior therapist team, to deliver outstanding workplace massage and wellness treatments, offering friendly, professional advice for all workplace health matters.

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