Award Winning Short Film Takes History Buffs and Code Breakers on a Templar Adventure of Discovery

Award Winning Short Film Takes History Buffs and Code Breakers on a Templar Adventure of Discovery

The fabled Knights Templar have been a mysterious society that’s attracted historians, code breakers, and those looking to make a discovery for decades. Now a new short film is giving viewers a chance to be part of the latest mystery to be unravelled linked to the enigmatic military order. Set to be released globally on 1st February 2018, Knights Templar Secrets Found charts the discovery of an antique jewel with secrets to uncover.

Inspired by real events, the film begins with Merlin Antiques Research discovering a unique French made early 18th century golden Knights Templar cross, also known as a croix pattee, thought once to have been in possession of the French Crown jewels. Recreating Victorian optical systems, incredible code breaking skills, and a dedication to unravelling mystery, the team behind the discovery uncover the item’s hidden secrets. Using historical knowledge, they conclude that the concealed engravings and the shape of the cross itself, acts as a map and may record the legendary Knights Templar excavations at Solomon’s Temple.

Martin Brighty, Director of Knights Templar Secrets Found, said, “The stories and legacy of the Knights Templar have inspired generations of treasure hunters. The latest discovery shows that there are still plenty of hidden gems and mysteries waiting to be found and unravelled that are linked to the ancient order. Knights Templar Secrets Found was incredibly fun to make and we hope it gives Templar enthusiasts around the world some insights into what questions remain around the sect.

“The film was entirely self-funded and I knew right from the beginning how fascinating the film would be as we recorded how the hidden message was decrypted. I wanted to use the latest media film tech to pay justice to the person who made the initial first rediscovery of the piece 140 years ago in Paris, highlighting just how long the Knights Templar have fascinated.”

The jewelled cross that inspired the British short film, which has secured laurel awards at several festivals, was crafted from layers of gold and silver and features four diamonds and three Byzantine era styled gold spheres. Disguised as an 1887 Orb & Sceptre Jubilee lapel pin, centuries passed before the importance of its engravings were discovered when it was spotted in a bric-a-brac store.

From 1st February 2018 Knights Templar Secrets Found can be viewed on iTunes, Google, and Amazon Platforms on the following links: