Award-winning start-up CommissionCrowd provides groundbreaking new platform for commission-only sales agents

Award-winning start-up CommissionCrowd provides groundbreaking new platform for commission-only sales agents

CommissionCrowd, winner of the ‘Overall Innovation for Sales’ Award at Sales Innovation Expo, is providing a game-changing medium that could revolutionize the earning potential and lifestyle of sales agents across the globe.

Self-employed (Commission-only) sales agents using the first-of-its kind platform will be able to network and work for companies thousands of miles away through CommissionCrowd, which posts the profiles of sales agents in over 240 countries online for businesses across the planet to choose from.

This revolutionary innovation opens up a wealth of new opportunities for commission-only sales agents around the world. Users of CommissionCrowd will no longer be restricted by their geographical location, and will be selected by businesses based upon their talent, existing network of contacts and experience rather than where they live.

Ryan Mattock, CommissionCrowd Co-Founder, said: “CommissionCrowd was brought to life to completely change the hiring landscape of commission-only sales agents for both the agents themselves and companies recruiting them.

“A businesses talent pool shouldn’t be restricted to the area in which they’re based, and neither should job opportunities for sales agents. Companies that are able to tap into an agent’s existing network can also find much faster routes to Market in territories where they don’t have a presence and their employed sales staff aren’t able to reach.”

“Our platform allows companies and businesses to form global partnerships at the click of a button; it’s for this reason we were the winner of the ‘Overall Innovation for Sales’ Award at Sales Innovation Expo 2016, which is the largest sales exhibition in Europe.”

CommissionCrowd gives businesses the ability to manage remote working partnerships with supreme ease while eliminating all of the time consuming tasks that traditionally take time away from selling. It does this by providing a simple, all-in-one interface that allows companies and independent sales reps to not only find each other but once connected, their accounts become collaborative and both parties have all the tools needed to effectively manage all aspects of their working partnerships.

Likewise, sales agents using CommissionCrowd can build their ideal portfolio of products/services that complement each other and can be sold into their networks. This means higher earning potential for sales agents and more exposure for the companies they choose to work with.

Since their launch in May 2015, over 700 businesses are now using the platform, which allows companies to fine-tune their search for their next sales agent. They are able to do this using CommissionCrowd’s clever algorithms and search functionality that include being able to filter by products or services the agent has sold or is looking to sell, country, industry and selling type.

CommissionCrowd also provides an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce their wage bill and increase sales. Companies will only have to pay the agents they recruit through CommissionCrowd on the back of closed business, eliminating the danger of having to pay inadequate sales agents a basic salary.

It’s this revolutionary outlook on hiring commission-only sales agents that has also led CommissionCrowd to be recognized by Forbes, The Huffington Post and Startup Daily.

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