AwardAssured Launches Pilot of New Verified Learning Credentials Software

AwardAssured Launches Pilot of New Verified Learning Credentials Software

Learning credentials specialist AwardAssured is set to pilot its innovative new software over the next few months in a move that is expected to transform the learning landscape. Utilising the power of blockchain technology, the exciting new tool is emerging as one of the most promising solutions to the skills talent crisis.

AwardAssured’s software, awarding Verified Learning Credentials, is based on open standards. This means that, rather than qualifications being stored within individual training or business systems, they are instead attached to the learner themselves. The learner stores and shares their qualifications in a learning wallet, providing them with 100% ownership of their achievements.

Developed for employers, training providers, and educators, Verified Learning Credentials are designed to enhance the outcome of learning by turning course completion box ticking into recognition and long-term value.

Chris Booth, AwardAssured CEO, says, “During the ‘Great Resignation’, businesses must be prioritising two critical factors: attraction, and retention. The good news is that many leaders are realising that a great way to draw in great candidates and retain top talent is through demonstrating a commitment to lifelong professional development.”

The problem is that in many cases, the return on investment for training is only seen for the employer and not for the employee, and this creates a downward spiral for internal learning. “What’s happening is that employers are beginning to invest more in training and development – which is a positive step forward – but when an employee does decide to move onto a new opportunity, they’re unable to carry their qualifications with them. And if employers don’t fix this, it leads to training which is less desirable to employees. They don’t just want skills; they want proof,” he adds.

The upcoming pilot of AwardAssured’s software coincides with news that half of UK workers are either planning to quit, or are thinking of quitting their jobs this year. Right now, one of the biggest areas that business leaders need to be focusing on is showing their employees that they are valued. According to the LinkedIn 2022 Workplace Learning Report, employees who feel valued and cared about are 3.2x more likely to feel happy at work, and 3.7x more likely to recommend the company to others. Training and investing in an individual’s professional development is key to showing workers are valued.

However, while badging can act as a way to celebrate internal success following the completion of a course or acquisition of a skill, these badges don’t always translate to the real world, beyond the office walls. This means that a qualification essentially becomes useless once an individual moves onto a new opportunity. Verified Learning Credentials ensure that achievements aren’t locked to a single organisation; those talents can be seen, recognised, and celebrated across a person’s entire career journey.

The AwardAssured pilot scheme is scheduled over the next few months, with a number of leading organisations already signed up to become the first businesses to award verifiable learning credentials. To find out more about AwardAssured, or to enquire about the upcoming pilot scheme, visit