Back It Up, Or Lose It All to Viruses – Computer Memory Giant

Back It Up, Or Lose It All to Viruses – Computer Memory Giant

From businesses with thousands of files and folders, to individuals with hundreds of photographs and memories, there’s no hiding from digital. But with such a huge focus on digital ways of life, it can be all too easy to forget how fragile this is and forget to back up important documents, according to one of the country’s most prevalent suppliers of computer memory and accessories.

Data Memory Systems, which has been trading for 30 years, has underlined how important it is to back up files and folders – particularly as it’s revealed that one in 10 computers are infected with a virus every single month.

A spokesperson for the company, said, “Although steps have been taken to combat viruses and attacks, this statistic just shows how vulnerable computers are. So with viruses rife in the computer world, it has never been more important to back up files and folders to keep everything safe – or run the risk of losing all important data.”

There’s a new report almost monthly about another attack or hack due to a virus, with big organizations at risk much in the same way that individual computer users are. However for individuals, they may lose lasting memories captured on camera and personal files, but businesses can stand to lose all kinds of sensitive files that could prove to be detrimental to a business.

Despite all the warnings, it’s also been reported that 30 percent of people have never backed up their documents, with 31 percent of PC users losing all of their files due to events beyond their control. But more astonishingly, statistics also claim that ​60 percent of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of this happening.

“The only way to prevent such disaster is by backing up regularly. Businesses should back up continually throughout the day, while individuals should make it part of their weekly or monthly routine to ensure their files are protected – no matter what may happen,” added the spokesperson.

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