Bambino Crayons launches new clay-based collection to aid mindfulness for the whole family

Bambino Crayons launches new clay-based collection to aid mindfulness for the whole family

Bambino Crayons, a much-loved manufacturer of clay-based crayons and high-quality colouring pencils has launched a new 24-piece crayon collection. The new additions come complete with custom designed packaging and metallic gold and silver crayons to encourage adults and children alike to enjoy the soothing, calming effect of colouring at home.

As stress and anxiety levels reach an all-time high for many members of the UK population due to Covid-19, colouring is an accessible and cost-effective hobby that can be carried out at home to relax the mind and reduce feelings of overwhelm.

Bambino’s new 24 piece clay-based crayon collection is utterly covetable thanks to its beautiful animal packaging and striking, vibrant metallic shades, perfect for adding sparkle and shimmer to colouring books or unique self-created pieces of art. The crayons make blending and erasing a dream with great colour saturation.

Free from the greasy and waxy feel that many crayons are famous for, Bambino’s vibrant colours are a result of a unique clay formula which sees the award-winning team mix colour pigment with natural kaolin clay for a smoother finish. This technique means the crayon glides seamlessly across paper or card and looks beautiful within the pages of a child or adult’s colouring book.

The guru of colouring, Johanna Basford is already a fan, declaring “These little beauties were such an unexpected delight! Not at all like the clunky wax crayons we’ve all grown up with, but bold, precise and a joy to get bright, fast, happy results with! I definitely recommend giving them a shot.”

CEO Kat Brennan wants to invite those seeking a cheap, easy and mess free activity that can be done in family groups to try Bambino Crayons for themselves and tap into the stress-relieving benefits that colouring in has to offer. She said, “At a time where adults and children are all struggling with the impact of further lockdowns, I want to invite those looking for a creative outlet to try our new 24 piece kaolin clay crayon collection to soothe away stress by creating something both colourful and beautiful.”

Bambino offers free UK wide delivery and also stocks a range of colouring-in books for adults. To find out more, visit: