Bargain Push is helping millions of people save money with its free price alert service

Bargain Push is helping millions of people save money with its free price alert service

The emerging new online company, Bargain Push has created an innovative new service that allows users to monitor prices from top UK retailers and get alerts when products are within their designated price range. With over 10 million products being monitored constantly, instant price drop updates allow online shoppers to get the best deals with no extra charge.

With more than 1.6 billion people carrying out digital purchases around the world, the online retail market is predicted to hit 4.06 trillion US dollars by 2020. The industry is becomingly increasingly saturated while e-commerce tactics and digital retail algorithms are making it difficult for consumers to navigate the market by creating erratic price fluctuations.

Richard Harvey from Bargain Push said, “With such a rapidly growing online market with millions of retailers fighting for sales, it can be difficult for shoppers to find the best deal. The aim of Bargain Push is to help consumers save money and take the stress out of online shopping with a free system that allows them to quickly and easily choose the products they want, set a budget and receive instant notifications when they are available.”

No longer will shoppers have to trawl through hundreds of online pages and from different retailers to find the product they want at a reasonable price. Bargain Push can track products in industries ranging from technology to cosmetics. The free online service utilises search parameters than monitor top retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis and Audible in order to identify price changes instantly and accurately.

Whether shoppers are looking for a new games console to treat their children this Christmas or new homeware to redecorate their home in the New Year, the instant email alerts from Bargain Push will ensure that they’re made aware that their dream products have fallen within their budget.

The simplistic sign-up process for Bargain Push requires only a valid email address in order to create an account. To begin the shopping process and start making savings users simply paste the link of their desired product into the Bargain Push website, set their budget and wait for email notifications.

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