Basic Car Maintenance Made Accessible by Launch of Video Tutorials from Business Revolutionising Sector

Basic Car Maintenance Made Accessible by Launch of Video Tutorials from Business Revolutionising Sector

A garage company that aims to give drivers the tools they need to perform basic maintenance tasks of their vehicle has launched a series of clear, useful tutorial videos. Caroline’s Cars has already been running successful hands-on workshops to a huge range of customers but spotted a vital knowledgeable gap in the industry that it’s now hoping to plug with accessible, on-demand videos.

The growing library of videos aims to cover all the basics that a vehicle owner needs to know, from how to open a car bonnet to checking tyre pressure. There are already plans in the pipeline to shoot more tutorial videos, giving consumers the confidence to carry out their own essential checks and basic repair work when a professional isn’t needed. Armed with more information, Caroline’s Cars also aims to ensure its viewers are in a better position when they do need a garage, reducing the risk of them being ripped off or feeling intimidated.

Caroline Lake, Founder of Caroline’s Cars, said, “When I first launched Caroline’s Cars our goal was to create a garage that people knew they could rely on to act in their best interests. This has progressed to delivering workshops that have gone down a storm. Building on this success, we decided we want to help even more people that can’t get to our classes through our instructional videos. They’ve built up a fantastic following already and we know they’ve been useful for our regular customers, now we’re taking steps to spread the word.”

Caroline’s Cars workshops have enjoyed phenomenal success. Originally aimed solely at women that were intimated by the typical garage but wanted to get to grips with car maintenance, they’ve been opened up to all drivers after a lot of men admitted they knew little about cars and wanted to be part of the classes too. The workshops regularly see new, young drivers attending with their parents who are just as keen to learn some new skills and brush up on their knowledge. The one-off workshops are a fun, informative, and interactive way to get to grips with vehicle care basics and better understand MOTs.

The knowledge shared in the enlightening workshops and video tutorials can also be found in the book written by Lake and published by prestigious Haynes Manuals – Women’s Car DIY Manual – which aims to act as an essential guide for women that want to learn about automotive care.

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