Baytree Media Group Celebrates 4th Anniversary and Growing Portfolio

Baytree Media Group Celebrates 4th Anniversary and Growing Portfolio

The organisation that backs innovation and entrepreneurship, Baytree Media Group is celebrating its 4th anniversary milestone as it prepares for the next phase of development. The parent company is building up an impressive list of subsidiaries and partnerships with businesses that are pushing the boundaries.

Mitul Thobhani, Founder & CEO of Baytree Media Group said, “Four years in operation is a significant achievement for any business and looking back over the work we’ve done at Baytree Media Groups makes us immensely proud. We’ve built a solid foundation to now continue expanding the work that Baytree does, from developing new technology to giving a platform to ambitious young entrepreneurs to learn the skills they need.

“Looking ahead to the next for years and beyond, Baytree will continue to provide essential support that the business world needs to grow the economy.”

As the Baytree Media Group moves forward, its flagship innovation centre has announced a new direction for its focus. The organisation will now target product and software development, taking ideas and turning them into fully fledged businesses that can have an impact. Baytree’s other core component, the Baytree Academy, is set to continue growing too. The academy gives young people keen to make an impact in the business world a unique opportunity to test their entrepreneurial ideas. With expertise and professionals on hand, those participating have guidance to maximise the opportunities for success.

Among the exciting brands that Baytree has already successfully launched to market is Empulse, an intuitive piece of software that’s been designed to address issues associated with internal communications within businesses. Among the other projects that Baytree has in the pipeline are to do with the fitness industry and a clever app for the housing market

With further expansion plans in the works, the team behind the Baytree is set to continue having an impact on industries through offering their experience.

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