Becoming Mr Gallo

Becoming Mr Gallo

Winning praise for his portrayal of hardened debt-collector and hitman in Retribution, Cengiz Dervis is set to reprise the role of Mr Gallo in an eagerly anticipated sequel. The gritty, crime indie film Retribution won fans over last year thanks to its acting performances and captivating storyline, and the leading man is preparing to talk all things Gallo again as the follow-up film, named for the main character, enters deep development.

The original portrayal of Mr Gallo earned compliments and approval on the festival circuit and at industry screenings. The cold, mysterious nature of Gallo led Dervis to receive a wealth of praise for depicting one of the most interesting hitmen on screen, with critics commenting the performance rivalled that of Jean Reno in the iconic 90s film Leon. With Gallo expected to start in late 2017, Dervis is preparing to step into the shoes of Mr Gallo again.

Dervis said, “It was a pleasure to play Gallo the first time around and to slip back into the role is even more exciting. He’s an interesting, unique character that’s an action actor’s dream to play. He’s got that mysterious and terrifying streak that just stands out on screen. For me, preparing to become Mr Gallo again means taking a focus on my fitness and martial art skills to really make the action come alive and exploring the complex nature of Gallo to understand the decisions he makes in this film.”

The sequel takes Gallo from his rampage across London and places him in an entirely different situation. With a contract to complete two simultaneous hits in a single location and double crossing, the lead character becomes embroiled in a war he wasn’t expecting. Discovering he has been deceived and is surrounded, Gallo sets out to make those responsible pay for what they’ve done. The action that ensues plays perfectly to Dervis’ strengths, with a background in marital arts, the high action scenes throughout Gallo are set to be visually stunning and realistic. For fans of Retribution, the release of Gallo can’t come soon enough and the announcement that shooting is eminent will be welcomed news.

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