Beginners invited to an evening of meditation, sound bath and live musical performances

Beginners invited to an evening of meditation, sound bath and live musical performances

Londoners keen to take a step back from fast-paced city life can enjoy an evening of Theta Healing® meditation at a stunning Hyde Park church.

The evening is hosted by Bourgeon, a company that offers fully accredited and certified practitioner courses in various subjects, such as finding your soulmate, family genetic ties, crystal viewing, and psychic development. Theta Healing® events and courses encourage and guide participants to ultimately open their hearts to accept more love and abundance into their lives.

Attendees of the meditation evening will be able to take part in guided meditation, which is perfect for beginners, they will also discover the enlightenment that comes from a healing gong sound bath.

Supported by the gong artistry of Todd Acamesis, ‘Into The Deep Sound Bath’ is an engaging musical experience that incorporates the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit to induce a state of spontaneous meditation.

Once this is achieved, deeper energy work can be completed, something that Todd will oversee with the introduction of a mantra that can help people enjoy a balanced and happy existence.

Anna Kitney, Director of Bourgeon, said, “Theta Healing® is an ancient knowledge that is both diverse and effective. Through a variety of different techniques, people are able to unlock their subconscious minds and transform thought processes that stand in the way of them achieving love and happiness.

“Unfortunately, there is a misconception that meditation is hard and can only be achieved by a small handful of people. This simply isn’t the case, in fact many high profile celebrities credit the benefits of meditation, including Katy Perry and Madonna. It is becoming much more mainstream thanks to books like ‘The Secret’, which teaches people about the laws of attraction and how they can manifest anything they want in their lives.

“The event has been designed to welcome beginners into the world of meditation and show them how easy it is. We encourage togetherness and as a collective we will discover inner peace, focus and direction.

“This event is being hosted by a number of industry thought leaders who will share valuable insights about Theta Healing® and how people can unlock their subconscious minds to improve their lives.”

After centring themselves and accessing their divine wisdom, participants will be able to enjoy a live performance from Shena Winchester. A singer/songwriter who has achieved huge success as a backing singer for influential artists, including Luther Vandross and Amy Winehouse to name a few.

The Theta Healing® Meditation and Sound Bath event is being held at St John’s Hyde Park on Friday 18th May 2018.

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