Bend it like Beckham Star Joins Leading Content Platform Championing Stories from People of Indian Origin

Bend it like Beckham Star Joins Leading Content Platform Championing Stories from People of Indian Origin

Kulvinder Ghir, best known for his roles in Bend it Like Beckham and Goodness Gracious Me has spent the pandemic contributing to a growing content empire championing the stories of people of people of South Asian origin, Global Indian Series.

In a series of podcasts hosted by Kulvinder and Rajan Nazran, Chief Explorer of Global Indian Series, the pair have uncovered some of the most hard-hitting issues facing people across the world today. With topics ranging from what it means to be a Christian in Mumbai, to what it takes to be a musical pioneer in Africa, Kulvinder and Rajan have left no stone left unturned when it comes to discussing the struggles of identity and nationality.

With a career spanning over 30 years on the stage, screen, and radio, Kulvinder is uniquely placed to share the experiences of people of Indian origin in the UK. Starting his career as a stand-up comic in the north-east of England and being a tireless social custodian, his work with Global Indian Series is a flagship in how together we can provide a deeper understanding of the unique communities that make up the kaleidoscope of people of Indian origin.

After spending time working on hit shows and making a name for himself as an established writer, his diversity in the entertainment industry has made Kulvinder Ghir a household name in the UK. Never straying far from his roots, Kulvinder’s work has always cantered around the identity aspect of the diaspora and is using his work with Global Indian Series to plunge deeper into the notion of culture. Alongside Rajan, the podcast has been able to question the very fabric of what it means to be human.

Since the start of lockdown, Global Indian Series has grown into an immersive platform sharing the stories, information, and news which has acted as a catalyst for a new generation of activists from Indian heritage. The sometimes gritty and shocking discussions Kulvinder joined Rajan for have created an impressive wealth of knowledge that has had far-reaching impact. With high profile global guests including Heads of State, activists, entrepreneurs, Dragons Den investors and celebrities opening up about the real issues being faced, often sharing untold stories.

On his work with Global Indian Series, Kulvinder Ghir said, “I’ve loved joining Rajan for his important work at Global Indian Series. It’s been a platform that’s taken me on a voyage to celebrate, to meet, and share stories from communities all around the world. I’ve spoken with people that I never would have met if it wasn’t for the platform, and I can’t wait to see what comes next with the ever-evolving content.”

Rajan Nazran, Chief Explorer for The Global Indian series says, “Kulvinder has been a serious asset to Global Indian Series, acting as my right-hand man in many frank and honest discussions that have completely changed the way we look at many of the topics that are important to our community. His experience in the entertainment industry brings a fresh perspective, and combined with what I’ve learnt on my travels, we’ve formed an unstoppable duo that’s been unflinching in shedding light on the important topics affecting our world today.”

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