Bespoke furniture gets an urban twist with stunning pieces made using London trees

Bespoke furniture gets an urban twist with stunning pieces made using London trees

Interior design gurus keen to keep their finger on the button when it comes to the latest trends are sure to be excited by a line of furniture made entirely from uniquely-sourced timber in London.

RHMB, a bespoke furniture brand committed to using spectacular native timber is adding an air of luxury and distinction to contemporary spaces with its new range.

The innovative furniture design label sources material from outside the traditional timber market, carefully seeking out trees that have succumbed to age, illness or weather. Being naturally grown, these trees exhibit greater character than commercially harvested trees.

Robert Brain, founder of RHMB said: “We combine unique materials, singular craftsmanship and considered design to create compelling furniture with real provenance.

Well-chosen furniture can transform a home and selecting a piece that has been sourced and made locally allows the additions to tell a story about where it has come from, something that is very important to us.”

We hope to reconnect people with the way their products are made and where they come from. There is a vast array of native timbers available and we search extensively to discover truly spectacular examples which are just as beautiful as exotic imports. Amazingly this material can be found right on our doorstep, often literally.

Our pieces are designed to be quietly but undeniably elegant. The forms are composed to be harmonious, inviting you to appreciate the details and the material itself. We pair feature timbers with calming secondary species to maximise the beauty and impact of the whole piece.”

The brand debuted their collection at the London Art Fair last month, an eclectic exhibition that brings together both modern and contemporary art and offers visitors an insight into how the marketplace is changing.

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