Only the ‘Best Air Fresheners in the World’ for Mayweather’s Luxury Fleet

Only the ‘Best Air Fresheners in the World’ for Mayweather’s Luxury Fleet

American boxing pro, Floyd Mayweather has looked beyond his local brands to select a specialist UK-based company to fragrance his extensive fleet of vehicles in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami. The boxing superstar labelled Car Cologne ‘the best in the business’ thanks to the company’s range of designer-inspired air fresheners for cars. Mayweather has now tasked Car Cologne with supplying all of his vehicles with Car Cologne products.

Often referred to as the most successful boxing personality ever, Floyd Mayweather has continually been ranked as one of the world’s highest paid athletes. The boxer frequently flaunts his wealth using his social media channels, and is said to own upwards of 100 vehicles across three cities.

Under the agreement, Car Cologne will supply fresheners for Mayweather’s luxury fleet of cars, which includes Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Bugattis, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris. In a video posted to Instagram, Mayweather can be seen surrounded by Car Cologne card air fresheners, diffuser bottles, and signature collections, calling them ‘the best air fresheners  in the world’ and stating that Car Cologne is always with him, wherever he is.

“It’s no secret that Floyd Mayweather enjoys a luxurious and lavish lifestyle, and he often uses his social media to show just how important his personal car collection is to his way of life,” says Anik Zubair, Director and Founder of Car Cologne. “To see someone so intensely passionate about their vehicles choose Car Cologne to contribute to the driving experience shows us that we truly are on track to transform the air freshener industry into one that’s worth getting excited about, and one that we’re incredibly proud to be a part of.”

Car Cologne was founded by former financial contractor, Anik Zubair, who grew tired of wasting expensive aftershave trying in vain to make his car smell good. Failing to find high quality aftershave-scented air fresheners, Zubair set to work at home to design a product that ticked all the boxes and delivered a high end, long lasting aroma. Car Cologne’s products are strategically designed to last five times longer than regular air fresheners. Initially launching with just one product, Car Cologne now offers an extensive range and is the go to brand for celebrities. Its luxurious fragrances are a hit with customers from around the world, including a special commission from a Bentley dealership.

The organisation is certainly no stranger to joining forces with major names like Mayweather, both in the United States and in the business’ home country. To date, the brand has supplied products, and had products endorsed by, a variety of football legends and sporting personalities like Jesse Lingard, as well as TV stars including Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan and TOWIE’s Mario Falcone. The brand were also proud to sponsor the British GQ Car Awards in February 2020, which saw the likes of Jeremy Clarkson, David Haye, and Steven ‘Dynamo’ Frayne, amongst 300 others, take home Car Cologne gift bags.

While the luxury air fresheners are hitting headlines for appearing in the cars of Floyd Mayweather and the rich and famous, Car Cologne is perfectly accessible to everyone. The company produces car mists, card air fresheners, and hanging diffusers featuring more than 30 designer-inspired scents, all formulated in-house using high concentrate oils which instantly refresh.

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