Best job ever? Wanted: Tutor couple to move to Ibiza and travel the world on a yacht with VIP family

Best job ever? Wanted: Tutor couple to move to Ibiza and travel the world on a yacht with VIP family

Have partner, will travel? One lucky couple could start 2020 with the world at their feet as a jet-setting tutor duo – provided they are prepared to live in VIP luxury in Ibiza, are happy to set sail around the world on a yacht from February and combine their new luxury lifestyle with homeschooling and nanny duties for a mega-rich family’s three children.

The worldwide tutor and travel job has just been posted on, an online platform which helps families find tutors, nannies and au pairs. The site hit the headlines last month after being tasked with helping a London-based Russian family find a bilingual butler who would stay in character as Jeeves while serving the family at their properties in London, France, Italy and Russia.

The latest dream job posting calls for a tutor or a couple with a thirst for travel and a PGCE, BA Education or equivalent qualification. When not developing a personalised curriculum for the family’s three children (a girl aged four and two boys aged eight and nine), the fun-loving, kind and caring candidate will ensure that learning English is enjoyable for the kids and be on hand to help take care of the children and act as proxy parents, to the little girl in particular.

The tutor or couple will be expected to fit their fun-filled lessons around a busy schedule of international jet setting from their luxurious new base on the Balearic island of Ibiza. A VIP lifestyle is included with the position and will entail accompanying the family on a worldwide trip on their yacht from February 2020 before taking up residence in Spain, at an apartment to be provided by the family.

Candidates with sporting talent, able to swim and with a command of German and French tick all the boxes – uniquely, the job is on offer to an individual or adventurous couple, with a starting salary of 1000 Euros per week per person, a rental car, travel pit stops in the likes of the Bahamas and Canary Islands, flexible hours and two days off per week.

Jobs in Childcare Founder James Alger says, “This is an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime position for a couple in search of a dream job with out of this world benefits. With a private apartment, car and worldwide yacht travel included, this has to be a candidate for the best job ever!”

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