Bestselling author offers his book free to help those struggling with strained pandemic relationships

Bestselling author offers his book free to help those struggling with strained pandemic relationships

The COVID-19 outbreak has created a difficult situation for many, particularly in terms of employment, finances, health and education. However, one of the UK’s leading authors is urging the nation not to overlook another particularly prominent concern at this challenging time: relationships. Alec Grimsley, author of Vital Conversations, is a passionate believer in the concept of strong relationships as a key driver of wellbeing, and is offering a unique opportunity to download his bestseller for free for a limited period between the 23rd and 26th June on Amazon Kindle.

At a time when everyday stresses are exacerbated through COVID-19 job, school, and money worries, Grimsley believes that it becomes easier to push away those that we rely on for support, and burn bridges that could help to maintain mental health. The bestselling book takes a practical approach to handling difficult conversations, managing conflict, giving feedback, and influencing difficult people, offering practical and relatable advice for maintaining and caring for key relationships through crisis. Channel 4 presenter and leading psychotherapist Malcom Stern has labelled Vital Conversations ‘an invaluable addition to the difficult conversation arena’.

“There is no magic solution for instantly making everything okay during the pandemic, including our relationships, but a first step is to have compassion for the self, and for those closest to you, acknowledging that this is a truly unique situation that everyone is struggling with,” says author Alec Grimsley. “It’s natural that we’ll all feel the tensions rising at one point or another during isolation, but allowing these emotions to take over can destroy the vital relationships that we all need to get us through this.

“The underlying message of Vital Conversations has never been more important, and that message is that it’s essential that we share our feelings and have the conversations we need to have, but to approach these conversations from a place of kindness, even when times are tough.”

The free book offer comes at a time when more and more people are struggling to manage and maintain their key relationships. A recent poll commissioned by relationship counselling charity Relate, found 23% of couples feel current circumstances are placing pressure on their relationship, with underlying issues rising to the surface due to the pressure of confined living during lockdown.

To support those affected by the pandemic, Alec Grimsley is making his bestselling personal development book Vital Conversations free for Kindle for 4 days, 23-26 June 2020. The download is available from Amazon UK and A paperback version is also available for purchase.

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