Bestselling author reveals review-writing secrets

Bestselling author reveals review-writing secrets

Bestselling author Lita Doolan has released the ingenious How to write a review in 90 minutes through Amazon. The book is her own tried-and-tested how-to guide designed to aid readers in receiving free film, gig and theatre tickets in exchange for their reviews as well as getting their reviews published in national newspapers.

Many people are unaware that by writing reviews they can get free and often good seats in return for reviewing the show, as well as invites to press events, a window into a journalism career and the chance to meet up with other writers, actors and critics. It’s also touted by Lita as an easy and fun way for stay-at-home mums to raise their work profiles by reviewing children’s shows.

Lita said: “Writing reviews is often overlooked by many as an idea to both get in to the shows they love for free and open the door to a career in review writing or journalism, which is why I wrote How to write a review in 90 minutes.

“I’ve written over 300 reviews, one of which appeared in The Guardian and others on the Saatchi gallery site, and can safely say that you can be up all night doing it; this can be a problem as to get reviews noticed they need to be up quickly in order to catch the web traffic of people searching for the review the night the show premieres.

“My guide combats this problem with key techniques such as how to pinpoint certain types of information as you watch the show, which then allows the review to essentially write itself.

How to write a review in 90 minutes also details tips such as what questions to ask at the end of a show, how to take notes in the dark of the theatre and how to reach a verdict and score.

The book additionally includes easy exercises that enable the reader to find their inner writer’s voice and has been well received online, becoming favoured by online media experts on LinkedIn as well as being popular with bloggers.

Lita’s guide also comes in a year when the number of online review websites has risen again, meaning the options to get a review published are more numerous than ever. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is also reporting an increase in ticket sales, hinting at the big demand for online reviews

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