Beyond Launches Specialist M&A Scorecard to assess and improve readiness for technology integration

Beyond Launches Specialist M&A Scorecard to assess and improve readiness for technology integration

An invaluable new tool designed to help senior technology professionals assess their readiness for Post-Merger Integration projects has launched.

The unique M&A Scorecard draws on almost a quarter century of M&A integration expertise to help prepare CIOs and programme managers for day one success. It identifies risks and suggests remediation to better assure M&A technology integration success. The scorecard calculates the project leadership health score specifically for M&A technology projects.

Many mergers and acquisitions falter at the integration stage, with the combination of two or more businesses, associated technology teams and associated cultures. While many mergers fail to deliver the promised value and cite IT integration as a root cause, the M&A Scorecard can help circumnavigate this roadblock by allowing IT managers to fully assess their preparedness.

Hutton Henry, Managing Director of Beyond M&A said, “The pressure by the need to deliver upon a M&A deal can result in poor IT delivery, disengaged employees and in some cases, raise new security concerns. Hence, we developed the M&A Scorecard to help managers in the field assess their current skills and situation, better equipping them for success.”

In addition to helping senior IT professionals assess their preparedness, the M&A Scorecard provides measurements against all five elements of the mergers and acquisitions process. It manages the degree to which employees are engaged, negating the risks of expensive delays and mitigating the prospect of actively-disengaged employees. It helps users to examine the IT environment that will be transformed, with detailed due diligence to safeguard project delivery timelines.

It takes less than 10 minutes for users to complete the Scorecard. A total of 38 questions must be answered for the Scorecard to compile an integration report and generate suggested improvements to enhance integration project delivery.

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