BiteTracker Changing the Fitness Nutrition Game with the Launch of Free Calorie Tracking and Meal Planning App

BiteTracker Changing the Fitness Nutrition Game with the Launch of Free Calorie Tracking and Meal Planning App

Bye bye MyFitnessPal, hello BiteTracker. In an era where the pursuit of health and wellbeing through proper nutrition often means navigating a maze of pricey, subscription-based calorie tracking and meal planning apps, there’s a new option in the market. BiteTracker, a company on a mission to make mindful nutrition accessible to all, has unveiled a free, user-friendly nutrition app that transforms the journey of meal planning and calorie tracking into a hassle-free experience.

With this new app users are able to track nutritional information of generic and branded foods, choose from tons of macro-friendly recipes and store their own recipes onto the platform. BiteTracker also integrates with Instacart, AmazonFresh and WholeFoods so that recipe ingredients can be ordered with a couple of clicks, all while accounting for calorie and macro information.

BiteTracker offers exciting features such as an AI-powered meal plan generator, instantly designing a menu for users who want to save time deciding what to cook. BiteTracker also allows users to import recipes from other websites and blogs by simply copying and pasting the links onto its calendar. The platform boasts a library of over 200 calorie and macro-friendly recipes, and this collection is constantly expanding. Users are also free to modify existing recipes or add their own favorite dishes, with BiteTracker automatically tracking the nutritional information as ingredients are added or removed.

Accessible through desktop and mobile browsers as well as an IOS and Android app, BiteTracker takes a multi-platform approach to nutrition management, making it significantly more convenient than other alternatives. The desktop web application is very useful for adding recipes and planning the week, while the app is great for tracking foods and pulling up the weekly plan.

Brian Hassan, CEO and Co-Founder of BiteTracker, says, “At BiteTracker we’re committed to guiding people on their journey to become the best version of themselves. From our experience, making informed choices about your nutrition can lead to a very empowering, vibrant life. We’re committed to being the dedicated companion that will ensure your steps towards living that life are effective and enjoyable without the burden of a subscription.”

Whether keen to achieve a certain fitness goal, manage your weight or ensure family mealtimes are balanced and nutritious, BiteTracker is an indispensable tool. The whole family can get involved with meal planning, with recipes from the weekly or monthly rotation easily saved to then craft a perfect week of nutrition.

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