Black-Owned Designer Pushes the Boundaries to Create World’s First Screenless Phone

Black-Owned Designer Pushes the Boundaries to Create World’s First Screenless Phone

CEH Technologies, the innovative manufacturer behind the popular smart consumer electronics brand, Mymanu, has once again proved its ability to push the boundaries by introducing the world’s first screen-less phone, which is set to launch soon.

Danny Manu, the prolific serial entrepreneur behind Mymanu is a child of Ghanaian immigrants who learned from an early age the importance of language and communication. After seeing first-hand the difficulties of communication in a country like Ghana, where over 80 languages are spoken, Danny decided to do something about it and set to work creating Mymanu’s signature product in 2017, the first true-wireless earphones with live translation capabilities into 37 languages.

In his most recent endeavour, Mymanu has embarked on its biggest challenge to date; completely transforming the mobile phone industry with Titan, the world’s first screen-less model, as presented on BBC Click. Using voice-activation and eSIM-technologies, Titan earbuds will act as a screenless phone. Users will be able to access their contacts and streams, make calls, send texts, buy cheap travel data packages, and always stay connected with their loved ones, wherever they are in the world, and whatever language they speak.

This new inclusive device was designed to be truly accessible for anyone – including people affected by visual impairment or issues operating digital equipment with their hands and arms.

The launch of this product coincides with Black History Month, an event that is already close in the hearts of black-owned company, Mymanu. Through their new project, they hope they will be able to instil the main message of the month of bringing people together, encouraging communication, and most importantly, not leaving anyone behind.

Danny Manu, Founder, and CEO of Mymanu says, “This really is a landmark product that is going to change the face of modern communication. It’s been my passion to create accessible products that genuinely help and enrich people’s everyday lives and I believe this product is going to do just that. With HD sound, ultimate comfort, and waterproof properties, we’ve created the product of the future and we can’t wait for people to get their hands on it.”

Mymanu has now opened the waitlist for the screen-less phone where early registrations are eligible for a 51% discount.

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