BLT comments on how effective use of lighting can help people beat feelings of depression

BLT comments on how effective use of lighting can help people beat feelings of depression

A lighting specialist that sells a wide range of commercial and domestic solutions is keen to highlight how effective lighting around the home and workplace can help combat depression and illnesses characterized by low mood.

Poor lighting is associated with low mood, with many people suffering bouts of Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter months. While the days are beginning to get longer and lighter, appropriate adaptions with lighting can still help to boost people’s mood, particularly in working environments like offices and factories.

Employees that commonly feel sleepy and irritable during their working day could have ineffective lighting to blame, with fluorescent lighting being linked to a number of common health concerns including migraines, eye strain and anxiety.

Steven Ellwood, Managing Director at BLT direct said: “Fluorescent lighting is a common choice for offices and other working environments, mainly because it is a cheap light source. While inexpensiveness is a positive, it’s important to recognise that this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is helpful for workers.

“Fluorescent bulbs contain a gas that glows when electricity is passed through it which causes flickering. To most people, the light source will still look constant, but others are able to perceive the flickering and this can contribute to added stress and anxiety.

“In terms of a replacement option, LED bulbs offer a constant light source that is cheaper to run, emits less heat and is also kinder to the environment.”

BLT Direct stock a wide range of LED lighting solutions, including these Sylvania Non-Dimmable LED GU10 5 Watt ,which are also available in a daylight colour option. Spending more time around light sources that mimic natural light has also been proven to boost mood.

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