BLT Direct comments on LED light bulb that has been sent into space

BLT Direct comments on LED light bulb that has been sent into space

Following news that a Swedish design brand has sent an LED light bulb into space as part of a crowdfunding campaign, lighting specialist BLT are highlighting the continuing evolution of the most progressive light source of the 21st century.

The arc bulb has been designed by Flyte to be the ‘the ultimate minimal, dimmable LED bulb’ and has already exceeded its funding target of £17,000, with more than 900 backers signed up to receive one when it launches later this year.

Steven Ellwood, managing director at BLT direct said, “This exercise is just another example of the incredible power that LED lighting has for a number of different applications.

“If people choose to make the switch to LED bulbs they will be benefiting from lighting that has a longer lifespan, meaning less need to change them each year, as well as a more energy-efficient light source that will cost them less in usage.”

Most home fittings currently use Incandescent bulbs, which are significantly less efficient than other types of electric types of lighting, with the bulbs converting less than 5% of the energy they use into visible light, with standard bulbs averaging around 2.2%. The remaining energy is converted into heat. This heat wastes a lot of electricity, making incandescent bulbs a very inefficient option.

In the interest of saving money people can easily make the switch to LED bulbs, which are small and solid with operational abilities that make them extremely efficient and long-lasting.

With spring just around the corner, many homeowners are considering how they can update their outdoor lighting in preparation for barbeque season.

BLT sells these Spike Lights, which are great when used on pathways and in flower arrangements to create a homely atmosphere. The fixtures come in a range of colour temperatures and are LED.

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