BLT Direct makes ‘boring’ light bulb purchase simple, leaving time for light-hearted shopping

BLT Direct makes ‘boring’ light bulb purchase simple, leaving time for light-hearted shopping

Not every purchase is as thrilling as those new trainers or the latest mobile phone to hit the market. However, there are many things in life that must be acquired in order to live, no matter how tedious the process may be. One of these items is the light bulb, listed as no.2 in a recent ‘Top 10 things too boring to buy’ article, written by John Rentoul for The Independent online. Making it a little easier to cope with keeping a home illuminated is BLT Direct, a light bulb retailer on a mission to simplify the process.

Although its range of light bulbs is vast, covering everything from vintage style LED bulbs to fluorescent light fittings, the electrical expert uses its years of experience to categorise the bulbs in fool proof ways. Simple search tools and informative descriptions are complimented by content such as ‘how to’ blog posts and helpful infographics, ensuring its customers can find the perfect light bulb with minimum hassle, or boredom.

Steven Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct said “Light bulbs are only flashy in the literal sense and with so many types to choose from, the confusion probably puts customers off buying bulbs more than anything. We know that not everyone is a lighting expert, yet purchasing bulbs is a necessary part of life. We take time to refine and update our website so that the right bulb can be found in an instant, leaving more time to browse the stylish shades or other fun buys that can be enjoyed once the perfect light bulb has been found!”

Even with its thoroughly categorised online platform, users may not be able to tell the difference between GU10 or G9 LED bulbs. To shed some light on the matter, a 24/7 customer service hotline is available, helping those in the dark about light bulbs to order the right product for their needs.

In the Independent’s article, Della Mirandola voted light bulbs as the most tiresome product to buy, noting that they “manage to be both boring and ridiculously complicated.” For those with a similar mind set, BLT Direct is a saviour, simplifying the process. And with a wider series of blog posts covering DIY makes, interior tips and more, it may even make visiting a light bulb website an enjoyable experience!

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