BLT Direct urges commercial kitchens and restaurants to get summer ready with the Insect-o-Cutor

BLT Direct urges commercial kitchens and restaurants to get summer ready with the Insect-o-Cutor

With summer finally here, stockists of high-quality lighting, lightbulbs and hygienic insect removal devices BLT Direct is urging commercial kitchens, restaurants and food preparation businesses to prepare for airborne pests as the weather begins to warm up.

With a warm start to 2019 and wet and humid weather due to continue, numbers of the common housefly are expected to rise this year putting even greater risk on businesses that serve or produce food items for consumption.

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 states that all premises must be kept safe and without risks to health with the 1990 update of the same piece of legislation also stating that it is an offence to sell food which is unfit or contaminated with foreign matter.

The common housefly is known to transmit enteric diseases and intestinal parasitic worms that can lead to symptoms including vomiting, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, and dysentery, but can also cause illnesses such as typhoid and salmonella in some instances.

Steven Ellwood from BLT Direct says, “For the young, elderly and those with compromised immune systems, such illnesses can become life-threatening, so it is up to businesses that work with food or raw ingredients to safeguard the health of their customers by preventing houseflies from remaining in areas where food is present.”

Although stopping the ingress of airborne pests into commercial kitchens and food prep areas is next to impossible, BLT Direct is urging such businesses to consider their range of electric fly killers and glue board units to trap and kill flies effectively and hygienically.

The Insect-o-Cuter is one of the most effective units for removing airborne pests, including the common housefly from both commercial and residential premises. Houseflies are instinctively attracted to light, and the fluorescent tube of the unit emits a powerful luminescence that airborne pests of all varieties head towards.

Once they reach the unit, the insect receives a small electrical jolt and is then collected underneath for quick and easy cleaning. This stops dead insects falling to the floor or contaminating other areas of the space, making it an effective tool for dealing with houseflies and other insects.

These units can be wall mounted, suspended or placed at ground height, making them an excellent way to safeguard against houseflies and the risk of contamination they carry.

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