Blue LED Tech Provides Long-Awaited Solution for Acne Sufferers

Blue LED Tech Provides Long-Awaited Solution for Acne Sufferers

Whether it strikes during the teen years or in adulthood, persistent acne can be frustrating, difficult to tackle, and impact on self-esteem. Now the skincare experts at Neo Elegance have unveiled a new must-try treatment option that promises to deliver long-lasting results with no pain or irritation, much to the relief of those plagued by the common beauty battle.

Where moisturisers, masks, and scrubs have failed to work, Neo Elegance’s tailored facial treatment delivers real results. Using revolutionary LED technology that’s loved by A-list celebs, the latest advancement from the brand uses highly effective blue light to provide targeted, instant, and long-lasting results against acne.

Fazila Allarakha, Aesthetic Practitioner and Training Manager at Neo Elegance, explained, “Many skincare products that claim to treat acne but fail to live up to their claims are too aggressive or full of ingredients that cause skin irritation. Rather than treating acne, it can lead to micro-tears in the skin, which can cause peeling and flaking, and skin dehydration. Far from tackling the common skin complaint, it means that the bacteria that causes acne can penetrate the skin and cause even more damage.

“In contrast, blue LED is non-invasive and non-irritating. The blue light penetrates 2-4mm into the skin, effectively killing the acne bacteria that’s there by introducing oxygen, while the top layer of skin is left untouched.”

The blue LED treatment created by Neo Elegance is completed quickly with no down time at all, promising to leave beauty lovers with rejuvenated, healthy skin. Customers will see instant results, with their skin glowing immediately after and the number of angry breakouts they experience reducing. Those seeking long-term results are recommended a course of six to eight treatments with weekly or fortnightly appointments. With healthy skin, the technology makes it far more difficult for bacteria to penetrate the epidermis.

Allarakha added, “When we think of skincare, it’s often cleansers, toners, and lotions that spring to mind. However, like almost every area of our life, technology is now offering better solutions that can both work alone and in combination with the more traditional skincare routines. As more people discover the benefits of tech-led beauty, we expect it to be a huge trend. Treatments, such as LED facials, are already being championed by celebrities and influencers and it’s just a matter of time before they’re used to deliver bespoke treatment options for skin concerns, from acne or dull skin to signs of ageing.”

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