Blue Light Experts PupilBox Urges Americans to Educate Themselves to Protect Visual Health

Digital gadgets have become engrained in our lives but experts at PupilBox are urging Americans to learn more about how harmful blue light could be damaging their eyes and affecting their lifestyle. PupilBox, which supplies a comprehensive solution direct to consumers, has made it its mission to educate the public on how electronics and the blue light they emit impacts eyes as the amount of time spent looking at screens continues to rise.

From checking social media updates on the go, to working in front of a computer, and then streaming favorite TV shows, modern lives seem to revolve around screens. It’s not just adults that are affected either, children are increasingly using digital devices for not only entertainment but as educational tools at school too. Blue light, which exists naturally but is also emitted from screens, may cause digital eye strain, age-related macular degeneration, and affect sleeping patterns. Thanks to the increasing use of tech, these issues are on the rise across the Country.

Paul Rudolph, Founder and CEO of PupilBox, said “Our culture should start talking about the way we consume light in the same way we talk about how we consume nutrition. At the moment, we don’t even think about the impact that screen time has on our eyes and wider health and wellbeing but a growing amount of research demonstrates that it’s time to change this. PupilBox provides a solution that lets customers still enjoy their screen-based entertainment and work while protecting against blue light from morning until night.”

Shocked by research that showed almost three quarters of young adults experience digital eye strain and more than 93% of those in their 30s are at risk of damaging their eyes, the team behind PupilBox set out to create an innovative solution. Every PupilBox includes three different elements to deliver a comprehensive solution – a pair of non-prescription glasses created in a state of the art lab to filter out certain types of blue light, meticulously tested eye drops to provide a refreshing boost after looking at the screen for long periods, and light bulbs that can help shift bodies into sleep mode. The combination of products is just what’s needed in today’s technology driven world.

To take their concept to the next level, PupilBox is launching a Kickstarter campaign. The innovative company will give backers a unique opportunity to get their hands on the blue light solution products before anyone else. Launching in May, the crowdfunding campaign aims to raise $25,000 to take the comprehensive solution to a wider audience.

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