Body confidence should begin with skin, says LED skincare device specialists, Neo Elegance

Body confidence should begin with skin, says LED skincare device specialists, Neo Elegance

With a revolution of body confidence sweeping the nation, the LED skincare specialists Neo Elegance have been taking note of some celebrity feedback on their products to help customers gain more confidence.

Embracing the real beauty movement, more and more women (and men) from all walks of life have been raving about the added confidence they’ve enjoyed thanks to the Neo Elegance LED skin care range, with devices for both home and salon use.

From well-known household names to mothers, office workers and members of the emergency services, the Neo Elegance range provides cutting edge LED skin therapy in a range of treatment types. Neo Elegance devices harness the power of LED lights to tackle a host of skin problems, from reducing unwanted breakouts and treating acne, to plumping skin for a fresh, youthful face and fending off those unwanted signs of ageing.

“Freeing themselves from the chore of slathering on layers of heavy make-up to give their skin a healthy glow is the reason we created Neo Elegance in the first place,” says Director Farrah Allarakha.

“We want everyone to have the confidence to step out of their front door and into the world bare-faced and ready to take on the day without having to hide skin imperfections or suffer hours of worry and anxiety.”

From LED light technology to luxurious hydrating sheet masks, there’s a solution to every skin problem and to suit every budget with Neo Elegance.

The Alfreton-based firm is the innovative power behind the selfie facial, which promises to rejuvenate skin and leave users with a youthful glow.

The Lumineo device uses LED wavelengths to penetrate the skin, boost collagen production, even out skin tone, reduce breakouts, and improve overall complexion. It’s a firm celebrity favourite and a much in demand salon treatment for those seeking to improve their appearance of their skin without the need for an Insta filter.

Bushra Hussain from Derby has been a Neo Elegance customer for some time and is thrilled in the confidence she’s gained from the LED light sessions.

“I have been visiting Neo Elegance for a while now, the LED light sessions have been relaxing and i have noticed the difference in my skin. It’s much clearer and my acne-rosacea is definitely under control, which I struggled with before. The treatment is really good and does exactly what you said it would. I am more confident in my skin.”

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