Brazilian Teak The Surprise Backyard Furniture Hit of the Summer Says Outdoor Entertainment Experts

Brazilian Teak The Surprise Backyard Furniture Hit of the Summer Says Outdoor Entertainment Experts

Backyards across America are embracing Brazilian Teak for uses other than decks this summer as outdoor TV lift cabinet designers, Cabinet-Tronix reveals that its super-stylish new weatherproof solid Cumaru TV lift cabinet has been in hot demand ever since it the design was unveiled two months ago.

Cumaru wood is another name for Brazilian Teak – a timber that is often used for decking due to its hardiness, durability and long-lasting nature. With a beautiful natural aesthetic, Cabinet-Tronix has used Cumaru Wood as the focal point in a number of its new outdoor hidden TV islands – with none more successful or as in demand as the solid Cumaru version.

Cabinet-Tronix lead designer, Trace McCullough says, “When we first sat down to design an outdoor TV lift unit, we were drawn to Cumaru Wood – Brazilian Teak – exactly because it was such a natural choice for outdoor applications. We also recognized its inherently beautiful appearance and saw it as the perfect casing for our outdoor designs. This piece has been incredibly popular and we have shipped lots of cabinets using this design, with its solid wood top and body, to backyards across America. It’s been an unquestionable hit and a sure sign that homeowners are seeing beyond its use as deck and looking at how they can use it to add extra functionality to their outdoor space.”

Made entirely from stunning Cumaru Wood, the outdoor TV lift unit is waterproofed and weatherproofed so it can live outdoors all year long. It’s already in use in backyards across America, elevating decks, patios and yards with its striking aesthetic and convenient functionality. A number of other designs in the outdoor TV lift unit range also have the option for Cumaru Wood, paired with a range of other materials including Mamawood Porcelain tiles and designer stucco.

Where Cumaru would previously have been part of the fabric of the deck and used for flooring, many homeowners looking for a more luxurious outdoor experience are recognizing the versatility and natural beauty of the South American timber.

Launched in spring, the Cabinet-Tronix range of outdoor backyard TV lift furniture includes nine other weatherproof designs, each bringing countryclub living to the home. All feature a US made TV lift and are crafted from carefully selected materials designed to withstand the elements and make outdoor TV viewing feasible, convenient and enjoyable.

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